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The popularity of online grocery shopping shows no sign of disappearing. The benefits are clear – it can be quicker and easier to keep track of how much you are spending, and, better yet, you can do it on the way to work or while eating breakfast in bed. But how to decide that which supplier should be choose? Obvious it is question of the time afterall SEHAT KA MAMLA HA!
Now, this problem can be easily solved by one of the best online grocery shop in Lahore, Super Market by  AJOOBA.PK. 

We offers you fresh, hygiene vegetables and fruits now at your doorstep and YES only in just 2 hours!
Here, is introducing Bundles of categorized food items which can be helpful for you, so here I will explain you some bundles:

Sugarly Box

As like name, this bundle will provide you huge range of desserts and all meetha mix! These bundles are the best answer of “MEETHAY MAE KYA BANAYEN”? Including kheer, custards, jellies-children all-time favorite dessert! And falooda. You can simply place your order and can get your meetha in just 2 hours at your doorstep!

Zaika Box

In these bundle you can search for pasta, noodles, rice floors, cooking oils, pulses and different spices. And provide all those possible things which are basically beauty of every dining-table!

Biscuity Box

This box provides you complete range for biscuits lovers! And Yes for tea-lovers too! “CHAAYE K SAATH KYA HAI”? Go and have a tour at of these bundle you will definitely order in your today chaye time!

Hygienic Box

This bundle should be ladies favorite guess how? Because it consists cosmetics products with hygienic quality. Your hair, skin care products is available at this bundle!

 Nashta Box

Nashtay mae kya hai? YES! Answer is here. is here to solve your question.

This bundle provide huge range of all nashta items that should you need.

Fresh juices, eggs and bread, jam butters and all stuff so what are you waiting for? Go and order your nashta instant!

Juice wala box

Are you bored? Or having a plan for movie at home? Have some snacks with!

Providing wide range of snacks, cold drinks, juices, energy shakes and all stuff!

Sabzi and Gosht Box

“AJ KHAANE MAE KYA BANAYEN’? Most irritating question which are daily face by mothers. So no need to worry more because provides you all fruits, vegetables and chicken products at your doorstep in just 2 hours!